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Most book projects will reach $500. in services. I pride myself in the quality of my work with a focus on attention to details.  A typical project at Yesterday’s Memories will take 1-2 months pending on size of project.

If you’re ready to move forward, please feel free to call 1 (612) 919-2609 or email me at:

A family Legacy Book

Project: Each project is looked at as being separate from another. There is an interview process in the beginning. We will get to know each other. We will be jointly setting clear expectations and communicating with great clarity. By having interviews it ensures the books are personalized and helps bring them to life.

Research: Effective research unlocks forgotten historical information. Photographs, stories and memories add values, character, and personalty. They help inspire the readers of every book.

Design:  Whether it is a simple book of 20 pages or a large book that contains many branches and family treasures, I weave together the research and interviews into a timeless legacy product. Every book is a unique opportunity to preserve a legacy, so each project has it’s own tone to fit the reader. Every book gets a great deal of attention to detail and accuracy.

Let’s start your Family Legacy

Yesterday’s Memories is a single owned and cooperated company located in Albertville, a Minnesota. This is a local company only. You must be in the Twin Cities or Central Minnesota location. Thank you.