Holtberg Family history

Hello November

Today we take a moment to remember some wonderful birthdays.

Rudolph A Holtberg

Rudolph Adin Holtberg was born today in 1887 in Belgrade, Minnesota. Rudolph is the second child of Andrew and Christina Holtberg out of 10 children. He is the oldest son.

Rudolph was baptized in the Crow River Lutheran Church in Belgrade on Feb. 11, 1888. I like to think that the family had a small get together with family that day. The Crow River Lutheran Church is where you will find most of the Holtberg family religious records.

Census reports show that he attended school in the Belgrade area and could read and write. He was confirmed at the Crow River Church at age 14 in 1902.

At age 23, we find him living in Belgrade with his sister, Alma. He was a cream buyer for a local station. It is during this time that he married Wilhemina Fredrika Moller on March 11, 1911.

This amazing couple went on the have 9 Holtberg boys. Seven of them serving in our armed forces to protect our country during war. Thank you for your service.

In the 1920’s, Rudolph worked in a Hardware store. Sadly He passed away at the young age of 42 due to Influenza in 1929. Happy Heavenly Birthday.

Now we travel way over to another Holtberg branch. Rudolph had an uncle named Samuel Holtberg. Samuel and his wife, Johanna moved the family to Montana. They had a son by the name Lawrence Peter Holtberg. Lawrence and his wife had 6 children. One being, Barbara Jeanne Holtberg. Barbara married George Berge. They had 7 children. One whom’s birthday is today, Candice Berge. She was born on this day back in 1945. Records currently show that she married Calvin Johnson and they have a daughter by the name Barbara Dee Johnson. Very little information is known on this branch. Maybe you have a connection and could help me connect with this family. Otherwise – Happy Birthday Candice.

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