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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – #8

Written by Amy Johnson Crow’s Challenge 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 

Week 8: Family Photo What is a family photo that has special meaning for you? Tell about the people in the photo, when and where it was taken, and why it was taken. 

Family photos is probably where I excel at. I have way too many. I collect everyone’s and try my hardest to keep everything organized and labeled but the honest truth is I’m out numbered.

I chose this one. Here is a family photo Thanksgiving day in 2002. I am the one on the far right. I remember 2002. My life was… Let’s just say a mess. I was too consumed by personal demons and family drama to realize the precious moment I had in front of me.

The older couple in the middle were my grandparents, Kenny and Mary Holtberg. Their family had grown so large that we met at the Community Center in Lowry, MN once a year on Thanksgiving day. This was my grandmother’s request.

Mary & Kenny Holtberg

This Thanksgiving day was one of the few that I chose to attend. Due to silly selfish reasons, I would not attend. I knew at the time that my grandmother was ill but it didn’t dawn on me how ill due to my own drama. On that day my siblings and their family were also present so we had pictures taken with our grandparents.

Thankfully we did. This picture represents the last time I saw my grandmother. It was the last time I got a hug and told her, I love her. She passed away the following February 18, 2003. It is so hard to believe that that was 16 years ago. Kenny passed away in 2010. I miss them both very much.

Our lives can become all consuming. We navigate the best we can through the crazy thoughts that we allow in our head and drama brought to our life by others. I am no better then the rest. I will say that today I truly try to be present in the presence of others. Everyday I fall short of this personal goal but I never give up. I attempt to suck the life out of every second I am given. I attempt to hang onto every moment way to long. But it’s only because we will never have that moment again. God Bless until next week.

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