Holtberg Family history

Happy Birthday, Arne

Today I wish my Great Grandfather Arne Holtberg Happy Birthday. He would’ve been 127.

Arne Cornelius Hultberg was born on January 24, 1892 in Crow Lake Township of Stearns County, Minnesota. At this time is the census his last name was spelled Hultberg. His father, Andrew, was 28 and his mother, Christina, was 27. He was raised on a farm just outside of Belgrade. Their farm is on the right hand side of this map. On the lake behind the farm the children would play hockey and skate on the lake. The home was describe as having a root cellar under a trap door in the kitchen. A little red pump by the sink. A winding up carpeted staircase to the bedrooms upstairs.

Crow Lake, Stearns, Minnesota

His family attended the Zion Lutheran church of Belgrade where Arne and his siblings were confirmed.

WWI Registration Card

In 1917, He registrated for WWI as Arne Hultberg. He was a Corporal in the Army. He was a part of the Motor Transport Battalion in Brest, France. His sister, Ann, knitted socks for him while he was in the military. Arne drove an ambulance picking up dead bodies in Germany. He had many sad stories and was a changed man when he returned.

Arne and Helma

He married Hilma Marie Anderson on August 8, 1921, in Warren, Marshall, Minnesota. They had two children, James and Kenneth. during their marriage. They raised their famiy in Lowry, MInnesota.

He died on April 14, 1956, in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, at the age of 64, and was buried in Belgrade, Minnesota.

It was through the process of writing this and going through his life step by step that I was able to find when the last name spelling went from HULTBERG to HOLTBERG. I believe it was a simple human error because they also have Great Grandma Hilma’s name spelled as Helma. Little did the writer know that they were changing the name for generations to come.

Here is where the last name was changed to HOLTBERG. On their marriage document.

Sources: US, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Swedish American Church records, 1800 – 1946. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. Pictures are my own family’s collection.

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