52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – #2

Written by Amy Johnson Crow’s Challenge 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 

Week 2: Challenge “What is genealogy without a little challenge? Two ways that you might interpret this prompt is to share an ancestor who was a challenge to find or an ancestor who faced his or her own challenges. “

This question comes at just the right time. As I mentioned in my last Blog post I have been researching Peter Johannesson and his wife for years. They are my 4th great grandparents from Sweden. Upon getting to the US in 1855, they changed their name to Hultberg. To this day as far as I know we don’t know why. We have speculation that the name comes from Peter’s grandfather’s village of Hultatorpe. I just found seven of Peter’s siblings. Oddly, my first thought when seeing the list of siblings was, where did they all go? Why haven’t we heard of these families before? Did Peter and his wife stay in contact with these siblings? Do you have similar questions when you first come across new information?

They lived in Illinois for several years. Then moved to Carver, Minnesota for about 8 years. From here a story is told through generations that the whole family walked to their land in Belgrade. That’s 97 miles on foot. The couple would have been in their 40’s with about 6 kids. Possibly one on the way. They settled in Belgrade, Minnesota from 1870’s to 1920’s.

My focus and ‘Challenge’ lately has been on one sibling of Peter’s. His name is Anders Johannesson and his wife, Ida Caroina Danielsdotter. I am searching for this family and their descendants. I found his family leaving Sweden on 19 Apr 1882. And guess what – they are all documented as HULTBERGS. What?! It isn’t until 1887 that I find them again. This time, like magic, it’s Belgrade, Minnesota. I found them in the US Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Records. Here their son, Samuel was confirmed.

I feel like I have to assume that they must have been conversing with family and someone along the way meant this uncle and family. There were stories and memories that have been lost along the way. Who was invited to this confirmation? How did it turn out?

Their son, Samuel’s confirmation record.
Crow River Lutheran Church

As fast as I found that tid bit of information, they disappeared. They had 6 children in all and I am still reading through the church book to triple check if I missed them. I’m planning a trip to the Stearns county historical society. I’m hoping someone there maybe able guide me to the next place to look. I’ll check the plot maps and census reports. Is there any thing else that I may be missing that I should check on? This is only my second week of writing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked and rechecked this. Each time adding a little more and fine tuning it a bit. Do this challenge is a personal challenge into the writing arena. It’s something I’ve long considered but was to afraid to try.

  • Featured Photo received from a family member during a family reunion.
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  • Crow River Lutheran Church by Alex Olson of Find A Grave

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