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Yesterday’s Memories ~First

For 2019, I’m taking part in the ‘52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge’ by Amy Johnson Crow. This is my first time blogging and first time using Word Press. My title, Yesterday’s Memories, is name of a business I hope to get off the ground this year. I have a passion to create Family Tree books, posters & calendars for individuals.
Week 1: First When I started working on our family’s history in the 90’s, I was on a quest to find all of the Holtberg’s, my maiden name, and find who the Holtberg’s from Sweden were. My grandfather, Kenneth Holtberg, was my inspiration. He had done a lot of the work already on our tree, as he was on the same quest I was. 
When I started I had no clue the my grandfather’s, father’s family was so large. I basically had no clue that families in general back then were very large. I remember just being amazed at all the branches off the Holtberg name that I found. I also, remember a feeling of anticipation and excitement with every connection found. This feeling is still a driving force today. 
My family’s story in the U.S. starts with Peter and Liza Johannesson. These two have taught me so much. When I was a beginner, I had no knowledge on migration or why people migrated. It was all new territory to me. I could study them daily because there is still so much to learn. I’ve learned migration patterns and why people moved. These two are also the only two from another country that I have found in my tree that completely changed their last name once they arrived. Imagine that surprise! I so wish someone would’ve wrote down that family discussion. Can you imagine a young couple in their 20’s, on a huge ship, discussing who they’d like to be once they got to Minnesota? A fresh new start. I have no clues as of this time why the name was changed and why Hultberg was chosen. At this time, I speculate that this maybe from Peter’s grandfather’s home town in Sweden. 
Lessons from these two continue to this very day. I recently discovered that Peter did have siblings. They are located in Texas, Ohio, and Sweden. They appear to have kept the family name Johannesson. I have yet to connect with anyone on these branches but am anxiously awaiting a reply to many emails. 

I can’t wait to see where this will take us.

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